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Alma Littera Group is the biggest publishing group in the Baltic States connecting two large publishing houses Alma Littera and Šviesa, bookshop network Pegasas and The Book Club. Alma Littera Group mission: to inspire and satisfy the need to read and to provide our readers the joy of knowledge!
Founded in 1990, Alma Littera is a major Lithuanian publishing house specializing in fiction, non-fiction, reference books, textbooks and other publications for all age groups. Alma Littera is the second largest major publisher of educational literature in Lithuania. Alma Littera publications currently include works of both local and foreign authors, books for children and youth, science literature, non-fiction works, research publications, reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks for schools and other educational material.
Šviesa is the largest national publisher of textbooks and educational literature. It was founded in 1945 as a publishing house of educational literature and has not changed its purpose so far. Šviesa publications currently include textbooks, workbooks, test books, teacher‘s books, e-publications, other educational, cognitive literature and fiction, publications for parents, educators and general public. In 2005 Šviesa has started e-publishing activity as a new, innovative way to expand and ease the use of educational literature.
In September 2003, Alma Littera Group founded The Book Club. It was the first organization in Lithuania to distribute books on the basis of e-commerce. The club currently unites about 60 thousand members and is the leading book club in Lithuania. The main Book Clubs’ mission - to promote the reading culture. The Book Club is accessible online at
Pegasas is one of the  largest bookstore chain’s in Lithuania. It was founded in 2003 and belongs to the Alma Littera Group. Today this network consists of 33 shops situated in different towns in Lithuania. In 2009 one more bookshop network called Baltos lankos joined Alma Littera Group. Baltos lankos since August 2011 renamed to the Didysis Pegasas. Pegasas bookstores network offer a wide range of publications from Lithuanian publishers, as well as books from abroad.